New Designs

I've been having fun creating new designs!  Here's one based on an image I made in the Utah desert a few years back...Tentative tiltle "Desert Dreams"

Here's the original artwork:

And here is the tank top and yoga capris: (samples are on order!)

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You asked for it!

A follow up to my last post - some of you thought this design would be great in a tank top.

So, I designed one today, and have a sample on order. I think it will be amazing! Thank you so much for the suggestion!

Stay tuned!!

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New Design!

Had some divine inspiration today - went back to some images that I made on one of my first photography trips to the Island of Hawaii.

Here is my image "Emergence", the embodiment of the Goddesses Quan Yin, my spiritual self, the Goddess of Compassion and Pele, volcanic energy, the Goddess of Hawaii, translated onto my activewear line - crop top and yoga capris.  Just ordered samples - stay tuned!!

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Goddess Aditi!

Dorotka Modelka embodying the Goddess Aditi!

Aditi is the Indian Celestial mother of the Gods - the Cosmic Creatrix. This design "Celestial Starlight" is full of starbursts. It is luminous and filled with star forming particles that have the capacity to birth new planets, new ideas.

Find out more about Aditi and our other Celestial Goddesses here.

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Behind the scenes at SFFW 2017

Here's a few images from behind the scenes at this year's Santa Fe Fashion Week - Tony and Guy working their magic on a few of us:

Photos courtesy of Guerilla Group.

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Overheard at Santa Fe Fashion Week
Photo by Greta Hartmann Photography   Model Tsailii Rogers

Photo by Greta Hartmann Photography   Model Tsailii Rogers

Here are a few of the comments about Embodywear Fashions as heard backstage (and in the audience) at last week's Santa Fe Fashion Runway shows:


"Wow! I really felt like a Goddess wearing these and teared up when that song came on (This Girl is on Fire by Alicia Keys) because I felt so powerful"


"One of the great things about this product is that you can wear the crop top and capris to your workout session, then slip on the matching Kimono, and Voila! you're ready for drinks and dinner!"

"That Aphrodite outfit is simply amazing!!"

"I'm thrilled that you named your designs after Goddesses - its so perfect!"