Aditi's "Celestial Starlight" Yoga Capris

Aditi's "Celestial Starlight" Yoga Capris


Aditi is the Indian Celestial mother of the Gods - the cosmic creatrix.

She is the Goddess of every known form and being and spreads her motherly love across universes

Aditi's "Celestial Starlight" is full of starbursts - it is luminous and filled with star forming particles that have the capacity to birth new planets and new ideas

Celebrate your Inner Aditi!

Celebrate your cosmic luminescence, your new ideas, your forward thinking with

Aditi's "Celestial Starlight" Yoga Capris

Our Yoga Capris are printed on a Performance Knit fabric of 88% eco-polyester and 12% spandex - a very silky fabric that fits your body and feels great.

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