Athena's "Divine Warrior" Yoga Capris

Athena's "Divine Warrior" Yoga Capris


Athena is the Greek Warrior Goddess of Wisdom, Courage, and Strategic Warfare.  She is the guardian of Athens and Divine Counsel to Odysseus.

She presides over the arts, crafts, particularly weaving.

Her "Divine Warrior" tank top, with its bold geometric design is a tribute to her skill as a warrior as well as that of a mathematician. The lush olive colors recall her creation of the first olive tree.

Celebrate your inner Athena!

Celebrate your Divine Warrior and your owl like wisdom in Athena's "Divine Warrior" Yoga Capris.

Our Yoga Capris are printed on a Performance Knit fabric of 88% eco-polyester and 12% spandex - a very silky fabric that fits your body and feels great.

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