Gendenwitha's "Star Sapphire" Kimono

Gendenwitha's "Star Sapphire" Kimono


Gendenwitha is the Morning Star Goddess of the Iroquois.

Her name means "it brings the day" and dawn has transformed her into the morning star.

Her stone is the Star Sapphire - a seeker transformer crystal, the talisman of scientists and adventurers as itpoints the way towards new possibilities, new directions.

Gendenwitha's "Star Sapphire" radiates star rays and refracts star points in a glorious burst of deep blues golds, and reds.

Celebrate your inner Gendenwitha!

Celebrate your inner seeker as you radiate with

Gendenwitha's "Star Sapphire" Kimono

Kimono's are 100% Poly Chiffon - a sheer lightweight fabric that drapes beautifully.

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