Rosmerta "Sheaves of Wheat" Yoga Capris

Rosmerta "Sheaves of Wheat" Yoga Capris


Rosmerta is the Celtic Goddess of Abundance.

Her domain includes all things financial as well as abundance for Mother Earth and is often depicted with a winged purse and a cornucopia.

Rosmerta's "Sheaves of Wheat" signify the abundance of the harvest in beautiful fall colors of rich sienna and golden wheat.

Celebrate your inner Rosmerta!

Celebrate as you harvest your abundance of wealth with Rosmerta's "Sheaves of Wheat" Yoga Capris.

Our Yoga Capris are printed on a Performance Knit fabric of 88% eco-polyester and 12% spandex - a very silky fabric that fits your body and feels great.

Note: These Yoga Capris are on order and expected to be in stock by mid-November. Please check back. Thank You!

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