Hera's "Royal Blossom 2" Capris

Hera's "Royal Blossom 2" Capris


Hera is a Greek Goddess - the Olympian Queen of the Gods

She is Queenly! As the only Goddess to marry, she is the Goddess of marriage, fertility and birth.

Hera's "Royal Blossom" is adorned with the colors of royalty - purple and gold with a sprinkling of lotus blossom petals

Celebrate your Inner Hera!

Put on your crown and celebrate your Royal Highness!

with Hera's "Royal Blossom 2" Yoga Capris

Our Yoga Capris are printed on a Performance Knit fabric of 88% eco-polyester and 12% spandex - a very silky fabric that fits your body and feels great.

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